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February 3, 2017
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Hardwood Floors Cleaning
February 3, 2017
Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning in Montreal


West Island Carpet Cleaning offers Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning. See below all information from our manufacturer Bonnet Pro.

It’s not encapsulation, it’s not protector… It’s the next evolution in carpet care technology Have you ever seen a dirty flower? We haven’t either. Some plants use what is called the “Lotus Effect”, this is one of nature’s ways to self-clean every time it rains. While it can’t rain inside and clean your carpets Bonnet Pro has the next best thing! This is not encapsulation or carpet protectors, it’s something completely different! Active Film Technology or AFT is a positive film that coats the surface fiber with an invisible durable layer only a few microns thick. This is to help prevent the “negative” oily film commonly called an oily binder that causes rapid resoiling. Our positive or helpful AFT film barrier exhibits repellent properties. When the fiber is cleaned, the AFT hydrophilic barrier causes soils to “float” on the Active Film so soils can be displaced or cleaned more easily, and often with a less aggressive cleaning chemical. AFT then also helps prevent new soils from attaching to the underlying face fiber once Bonnet Pro`s AFT is in place. This amazing component is natural, safe and non-toxic. Encaps dry down and leave a polymer coating to suspend small particles of soil to be removed by vacuuming. Semi Fluorinated chemicals also coat the fiber and reduce surface tension but can be expensive and will increase dry times. While protectors can still be used with AFT, AFT is much cheaper, does not require extra application time, has no odor and is reapplied every time you clean at no extra cost to the company providing the cleaning, as it will be built into many Bonnet Pro encapsulation formulas starting with OMEGA Citrus.

Surround OMEGA Citrus – a powerful carpet encapsulation detergent Surround OMEGA Citrus is a high-powered carpet encapsulation detergent formulated for your most difficult carpet cleaning challenges, like apartments and greasy restaurants that you may have previously struggled to clean. Just because Surround OMEGA can clean the tough stuff, don’t think for a moment that it’s not your “go to” product for residential encapsulation carpet cleaning. Using Bonnet Pro’s exclusive T2H polymers and our signature ProFresh scent, you and your customers will be glad you chose Surround OMEGA. OMEGA can be used for low moisture carpet cleaning due to its encapsulation properties from our T2H polymers. Plus, OMEGA makes a great pre-spray for hot water extraction. Regardless of your method, OMEGA Citrus will help you power through the tough greasy jobs like restaurants and apartment cleaning while saving you money by using low dilutions. Only 2-4 ounces will clean most maintenance type jobs. With our neutral pH you never have to worry about the rugs you clean. Even natural fibers can be cleaned, however pretesting is always recommended on all natural fibers. Old school chemistries needed a high pH, not so with our new modern formulas in OMEGA. Most encap cleaners with Surround OMEGA Citrus’s cleaning ability have a health rating of 2, but OMEGA has a health rating of only 1. So, if you’re looking to save time with a safer, better smelling high-power encap cleaner, with a carpet safe pH of only 6.5 to 7.5, built-in deodorizers and very friendly, money-saving dilution-mix, then look no further.