Tile & Grout Cleaning

Residentiel Carpet Cleaning in Montreal
Residential Carpet Cleaning
February 3, 2017
Pet Urine Carpet Treatment in Montreal
Pet Urine Carpet Treatment
February 3, 2017
Ceramic Tiles and Grout Cleaning in Montreal


West Island Carpet Cleaning is proudly servicing the residents of the greater West-Island of Montreal such as: Pointe-Claire, DDO Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Pierrefonds, Kirkland, Beaconsfield, Dorval, Baie-d’Urfé, Senneville.

West Island Carpet Cleaning is your best choice for all your tile and grout cleaning needs! We are professional experts in tile and grout cleaning and will return to as new state the most sensitive and hard cleaning surfaces such as Tile, Granite, Ceramic, Marble, Slate, Stone and even Limestone.

We us only the most advanced professional grade products and cutting-edge equipment adhering to the highest standards and ensuring superior results!


Our process involves:

  • Covering and protecting the surfaces around the working area.
  • A thorough vacuuming of the floor surface to be cleaned.
  • We use non toxic environment friendly cleaning solutions that attack grease and work deeply on your tile and grout to remove all dirt from your floor.
  • Our professional scrubbing, cleaning and pressure washing tools and machines will scrub your grout lines and meticulously clean your floor dislodging and removing stains, bacteria and buildup dirt. We guarantee a pristine cleaned tile without any leftover water or residue.
  • Additionally, our air movers will ensure that your floor are completely dry.
  • To restore your marble or natural stone’s original shine or even higher shine, we will polish your floor to improve its appearance an protect it from everyday dirt and foot traffic.
  • We will apply a high-performance penetrating sealer designed specifically for your type of surface to protect it from future household spills and wear. It will also ensure that soiling will not penetrate deeply and will be easily cleaned during your day to day cleaning. This step is often omitted by other professional cleaners and yet the most important to protect and preserve your floor.

Our expert will sit with you and take all the needed time to explain how to better take care of and maintain your floor surface in order to keep its pristine appearance the longest time possible!


Grout Sealing


For the UTMOST best results and appearance, we can restore your grout colour and seal it. Grout is very porous and as such easily absorbs and retains household spills and grime. Over time it will look uneven in colour.

Benefits of Grout Sealing:

Uniform grout appearance and colour

Stain proofs your grout

Easy clean ups of future spills